Django Django

Django Django

British art-rockersDjango Django are coming to INmusic festival #11!
The group was formed in 2009 and has released a self-titled studio album in 2012, followed up by Born Under Saturn, released in 2015.

Although they are working from 2009. Django Django burst onto the scene in 2012 with their triumphant self-titled debut record which was universally lavished with praise; “updated psychedelia that beguiles and delights” (The Guardian), “consistently mind-melting and often brilliant” (Q), “bursting with ideas” (Pitchfork) and “gloriously, unpredictably new” (Mojo). By December it had been shortlisted for the Mercury Prize and named one of the albums of the year by Rolling Stone and NME.

In 2015. they relesed a single titled ‘First Light’ from their hugely exciting second album Born Under Saturn.

First Light opens with a huge, growling, wobbling bassline, slapping the listener in the face from the off, showing us Django Django are back and mean business. But it’s not long before the trademark soaring harmonies make a grand entrance and interwoven with Django Django’s unmistakable knack for a glorious ear-worm melody, this track is proof that the four piece are set to return in magnificent form.

David Maclean
Vincent Neff
Jimmy Dixon
Tommy Grace