INmusic Club

Your years of support turned into discounts for our festivals and concerts - for you and your festival crew!

What is INmusic club?

INmusic club is a loyalty programme enabling INmusic festival visitors to exclusively access festival and concert tickets for events organized by our team at discount prices. INmusic club membership offers each individual who made the pledge of trust by purchasing an INmusic festival ticket at any point from 2006 onwards, allowing the festival the chance to take place, develop and grow, a discounted ticket price (which can also be shared with their closest friends and family) for all future concerts and festivals promoted by our team.

The interest and support of the audience is the sole reason INmusic festival exists and persists despite economic crisis, human limitations and acts of God, including a yearlong pandemic. When we thrived and when we errored, we worked to be better because of all of you. At a time when we are forced to take a break from the festival, we want to use it to thank you for all the festival editions you allowed us to complete, and for all the festival edition we will create for you in the future.

Your INmusic club membership was earned long ago, it's time to reap the awards of the support you have shown! Thank you ❤️

How does it work?

INmusic Club members collect reward points by claiming badges in the slider menu on the My Status landing page. By selecting a badge representing a specific INmusic festival edition the member confirms to have supported that festival edition by purchasing a festival ticket and listing the barcode number from the purchased ticket. In case the member does not have a barcode number referring to their ticket, they can submit up to 3 alternative documents per festival edition which confirm the purchase made and their request will be manually processed.

Each successfully claimed INmusic festival edition badge earns the INmusic Club member 15 reward points. Each member can claim each specific badge only once, i.e. a member cannot claim reward points for one festival edition more than once.
Additional reward points are claimed by filling out their My INmusic profile badge, and by activating promo codes generated through the selection of offered discount items through the INmusic Club application. The number of additional rewards points assigned to each offered discount item is listed in the article description.

After choosing an item in Discounts, the member locks in the requested discount by confirming 'Generate Code' and the application generates a one-time promo code to be used when making the purchase of the selected item via the official INmusic festival webshop where it will automatically discount the face value of the selected item accordingly. After successfully concluding the discounted purchase, the one-time promo code will become void and the accompanying reward points will be automatically added to the member's INmusic Club profile. The offered discount items include the option for members to share their benefits with one or more other persons. These discount items generate multiple one-time promo codes, each valid for one individual purchase of the appropriate item via the INmusic festival webshop. Members who decide to share their benefits with other persons are obliged to deliver the one-time promo code the person they selected and to inform them of the ways and conditions of using the promo code.

The selection of offered discount items and benefits is dependent on the number of claimed reward points by each individual member, reflected in the 1-5 reward level a member has reached at a given moment. The discounts on items increase in relation to the reward level a member occupies, where Level 1 offers the lowest discount level, and Level 5 the highest discount rates within INmusic Club. Members with the most supported INmusic festival editions so far earn the highest discounts for music events in the future, while all members are given the same opportunity to earn additional reward points by purchasing discounted tickets for future festivals and concerts promoted by our team.

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