About the project

The first European cultural media for music lovers

Europavox was born 15 years ago with two main goals: to help European music talents to travel and spread their songs all over the continent, and to help music lovers to discover great new artists. As part of the Europavox Project 2020 – 2024, co-funded by the European Commission, Europavox Media will connect musicians with music fans both digitally and live.


Every year Europavox presents the best new and promising bands from Europe through 7 festivals in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Italy, Lithuania and Romania, in all musical styles. With line-ups specially selected from our European artistic team, we offer a festive, eclectic musical journey of young European talents. Music is at their core, but they are about much more; each festival is a unique cultural experience, assembling different art forms and juggling with the best gourmet food and beverages of Europe.


Curated by cosmopolitan professional music journalists and artistic directors from all over Europe, Europavox Media is a never-ending source of inspiration at your fingertips.

Hundreds of bands, from all music styles and countries, weekly curated Playlist and Tops, interviews, special focus on buzzing cultural trends; anything to dive into the rich artistic universes composing Europe.

Welcome to the greatest musical community in Europe!


The Europavox artistic committee, formed by all festivals’ artistic directors that are part of the Europavox project, is meeting every month to elect their musical crush based on quality and diversity criteria: the Band of the Month.

To champion them, we created a virtuous circle of comprehensive support, including both live and digital actions:

● Reserved slots at three Europavox Festivals in 3 different countries.

● The production of a variety of content: live performances, interviews, original social media content, aiming to introduce their artistic universes.

● Three monetary awards, attributed on an annual basis: a Spotlight Prize, a Boost Award and a Public Choice award