Cashless payment

Cashless payment

Cashless shopping means that you can buy food and drinks across all sales points at INmusic festival, and at the festival camp by using the festival cashless wristband as the official means of payment at INmusic festival.

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To facilitate the usage of the INmusic festival cashless wristband, we’ve prepared a few answers to your most frequent questions about the festival cashless payment system.

1. How to activate your cashless festival wristband?

  • You can a ctivate your INmusic festival wristband for cashless payment for the single activation fee of 2 EUR at the TOP-UP points on the festival site and in the festival campsite.

2. How much money do I have on my festival wristband?

  • You have exactly the same amount you deposit on the wristband after its activation. If you spend all the deposited money on your wristband, you can always put more money on it. Look for any TOP-UP point onsite and make an additional deposit payment in cash or by bank card.

You can deposit money on your wristband by using cash (EUR only) or topping up by a bank issued credit card. For your safety we’ve put a singletop-up limit in the amount of 500 EUR. Please note, the maximum amount avaialble for refunding from your cashelss festival wristband is set at a maximum of 50 EUR so plan your top-ups accoridngly.

3. Where can I use my wristband?

  • It’s possible to pay with your festival wristband at any bar and catering location of the festival venue and camp. The only exception is the festival merchandise stand. You can buy merchandise with cash (EUR only) and bank cards.

4. What is the spending limit on my festival wristband?

  • The festival wristband limit is the same as the amount of money topped-up on your wristband, and you can always check your wristband balance at any top-up point or sales point cashe register. Your current balance is also listed on your last top-up receipt. You can make an infinite number of transactions with your festival wristband, as long as you have sufficient funds on the wristband to make a payment.

5. What if I have issues with my wristband?

  • The customer service point is located at the far end of the central festival TOP-UP location (opposite the Main stage) where staff will be able to help you with your wristband functionality.
  • Keep a close eye on your festival wristband - it is your wallet as well as your festival entrance guarantee! Damaged, cut or manipulated festival wristbands will not be allowed entrance to the festival site and cash-out's from wristbands that are not securely placed on your wrist will not be possible!
  • If you experience issues with yourbank card to top up your festival cashless wristband you are requested to follow the procedure prescribed by your designated bank.

6. INmusic is almost over, and I still have some money left on my festival wristband - how can I get it back?

  • Your money is safe. Our TOP-UP location is also a CASH-OUT location. Whether the festival’s winding down or you’re just passing by, go to our TOP-UP/CASH-OUT location to get your money back. Please note, the maximum amount available for refunding from your cashelss festival wristband is set at a maximum of 50 EUR so plan your top-ups accordingly.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE! Cash outs will only possible for wristbands that are securely and properly placed on the owners wrist and have a valid uncut wristband!
  • In case you are staying at the festival campsite, you can reclaim your money at the INmusic festival camspite entrance before leaving on Friday, June 28th, until 12 PM (noon). To cash-out the money from your festival wristband, your wristband needs to be securely placed and undamaged on your wrist. In case of removing or cuting off your wristband before cash-out, it will not possible to make the return of the money that is left on the wristband.

7. Can I use my old festival cashless card from a previous edition of INmusic festival?

  • Unfortunately, no. Only festival cashless wristbands from the current festival edition are valid - old festival cashless cards are not.