Cashless payment

Cashless and contactless payment

Cashless shopping means that you can buy food and drinks across all sales points at INmusic festival, and at the festival camp by using the official festival cashless card

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To facilitate the usage of the INmusic festival cashless card, we’ve prepared a few answers to your most frequent questions.

1. How to get your cashless festival card?

  • You can buy an INmusic festival card for the price of 20 kunas (HRK) at any TOP-UP location. You’ll find 30 TOP-UP locations throughout the festival venue. If you wish to return the card at the end of the festival, you’ll get the 20 kunas card deposit back as well.

2. How much money do I have on my festival card?

  • You have exactly the same amount you put on the card after its purchase or at any following card top-up. If you spend all the money on your card, you can always put more money on it. Look for any of the 30 TOP-UP locations and make an additional payment.

You can add money on your card by using cash (Croatian kunas HRK as the only accepted currency in Croatia) or topping up by a bank issued credit card. For your safety we’ve put a top-up limit in the amount of 2,000 Croatian kunas. Please note, the maximum amount avaialble for refunding from your cashelss festival card is set at a maximum of 200 Croatian kunas so plan your top-ups accoridngly.

3. Where can I use my card?

  • It’s possible to pay with your festival card at any bar and catering location of the festival venue and camp. The only exception is festival merchandise. You can buy merchandise with cash (HRK only) and bank cards.

4. What is the limit on my festival card?

  • The festival card limit is the same as the amount of money topped-up on your card, and you can always check your card balance at any payment point or top-up point. Your current balance is also listed on your last top-up receipt. You can make an infinite number of transactions with your festival card, as long as you have sufficient funds on the card to make a payment.

5. What if I lose my card?

  • Keep a close eye on your festival card! Your purchase of the festival card is followed by a receipt handed to you by the cashier. Make sure you save the receipt because that’s your proof the card is yours in case you lose it. Thanks to the information provided on the receipt our staff at the festival Info Point will try to help you out. IMPORTANT NOTICE! Due to the internet connection instability on the festival site blocking the remining funds on your lost card is not possible.
  • Owners using bank cards to top up their festival cashless card are requested to follow the procedure prescribed by their designated bank.

6. INmusic is almost over, and I still have some money left on my festival card - how can I get it back?

  • Your money is safe. Our TOP-UP locations are also CASH-OUT locations. Whether the festival’s winding down or you’re just passing by, go to one of our TOP-UP/CASH-OUT locations to get your money back.Please note, the maximum amount avaialble for refunding from your cashelss festival card is set at a maximum of 200 Croatian kunas so plan your top-ups accoridngly.
  • Make sure to save your card purchase receipt because without it it’s impossible to complete the CASH-OUT!
  • Don't worry in case you haven't cashed-out at the festival before it closed (June 24th at 5 am) - you can reclaim your money at the INmusic festival camspite entrance on Friday, June 24th from 1pm to 8pm. You just need to present your ID and the card purchase receipt. In case you are picking up the money for your friends as well, keep in mind that one person can retrieve funds from max 3 cards and also only by presenting the card purchase receipt for each card.
  • In the end, you can return the card you bought at your arrival, and you’ll get your 20 kunas deposit back. Or you can keep the card as a souvenir from your favorite festival – INmusic!

7. Can I use my old festival cashless card from a previous edition of INmusic festival?

  • Unfortunately, no. Due to limitations in the cashless update system, only festival cashless card bought on the current festival edition are valid - old festival cashless cards are not.