How to get there

Please use public transportation to arrive to RSC Jarun gates and the festival site to avoid traffic jams. Please note, entrance to RSC Jarun during festival days will be limited and closed from 3 pm each festival dayfor motor vehicles.

Jarun plan

How to get to the festival site and festival campsite by public transport

Zagreb public transport consists of a local tram and bus network operated by "Zagrebački električni tramvaj" (ZET) and the map of Zagreb's citybus and tram network is available at ZET web pages. Please note that day lines ("dnevne linije") running until midnight and night lines ("noćne linije") running from midnight until 6am differ and are noted on the public transport network map linked above.

If you arrive to Zagreb by train - At Zagreb Central Railway Station, take the no. 4 tram heading south towards "Savski most". Get off at the "Veslačka" tram stop and then take a no. 5 or no. 17 heading west towards "Prečko". Get off at the "Staglišće" or "Jarun" tram stop. If you are getting off at "Staglišće" tram stop take "Hrgovići" street by foot, to reach the Jarun lake. Festival signs at the lake will direct you to the festival site (Isle of Youth) and campsite (Trešnjevka Island and Univerzijada Island). If you are getting off at "Jarun" tram stop, turn left and take "Hrvatskog Sokola" street to reach the Jarun lake.

If you arrive to Zagreb by bus - Take a no. 5 tram at Zagreb Central Bus Terminal heading west towards "Prečko". Get off at the "Staglišće" tram stop. To reach the Jarun lake, take "Hrgovići" street by foot. If you get off the tram at the "Jarun" tram stop take "Hrvatskog sokola" street by foot. Festival signs at the lake will direct you to the festival site (Isle of Youth) and campsite (Trešnjevka Island and Univerzijada Island).

If you arrive to Zagreb by plane - A shuttle bus which runs every half an hour will take you from Zagreb Airport to Zagreb Central Bus Station. Tickets for the shuttle bus are avaliable with the bus driver. Please refer to the upper paragraphs on directions from the Zagreb Central Bus Terminal to the festival and the public transportations map linked above for further directions on how to reach the festival site and campsite.

Arriving to Zagreb

Arriving to Zagreb by plane - Zagreb International Airport is located approximately 17 km from the city center. Use the shuttle bus service to Zagreb Central Bus Terminal located on Marin Držić Avenue bb, and for more information on bus schedules go to:

Arriving to Zagreb by train - Zagreb Central Railway Station on Tomislav square is a 10 minute walk from Zagreb's main square. You can get additional information on train traffic and timetables of HŽ Passengers Trasport here.

Arriving to Zagreb by bus - You will arrive by bus on Central Bus Terminal on Marin Držić Avenue bb wich is only a couple of minutes drive by tram no. 6 towards "Črnomerec" from Zagreb's main square and Central Railway Station. Additional information on bus traffic and timetables of the Central Bus Terminal are avaliable here. Please check the "How to get to the festival by public transport" chapter for detail directions from the Central Bus Terminal to INmusic festival.

Arriving to Zagreb by car - If possible please use a GPS navigation system with the following destination address: "Aleja Matije Ljubeka, Zagreb". Uppon arrival at one of the entrances at RSC Jarun, please follow festival signs wich will direct you to the festival site or campsite. Please note entrance to RSC Jarun is charged as a parking ticket under the following rates:

Working days (6am to 9pm): 1,30 EUR
Daily tickets on weekends (6am to 9pm): 2,60 EUR
Night parking tickets (9pm do 6am): 2,60 EUR

Campers should use navigation system with following destination adress: "Otok Univerzijada" (Univerzijada Island) and park their cars near the campsite.

All visitors are advised to use public transport instead of private cars to avoid traffic jams.We advise festival visitors to park outside the RSC Jarun. Please note, public parking around the festival venue and campsite, as well as outside RCS Jarun gates is at your own risk and subject to parking regulations of the official city office, Zagreb Parking.

The main international road corridors:
European route E-59 (Nürnberg - Graz - Maribor - Macelj - Krapina - Zagreb)
European route E-70 (Trst - Ljubljana - Bregana - Zagreb i Klagenfurt - Ljubljana - Bregana - Zagreb)
European route E-65 and E-71 (Budimpešta - Goričan - Varaždin - Zagreb)