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INmusic festival 2015

June 22. – 24. 2015.

06.11. - 17.04. Festival tickets only 40 Euros!

06.11. - 17.04. Camping tickets only 20 Euros!

Daily Tickets will be available at the Festival Box Office only!

Please buy your ticket only from authorised ticket vendors mentioned on this website!

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Important information:

Festival tickets will be exchanged for the festival wristbands at the entrance to the festival. Do not tear, cut or in any way damage armbands otherwise they will cease to be valid!
Money refund will be made only in a case of cancellation of the entire festival and if the cancellation of the festival is not caused by force majeure. In case of cancellation of the festival, organizer will announce deadline and manner for the refund in due time.

Check out our very important Festival rules