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Ticket prices and authorized ticket vendors

June 25th - June 27th, 2018

  • Three day festival tickets for INmusic #13 are avaialble at the official INmusic festival webshop for the price of 53 EUR (+ transaction fees).

  • CampIN' tickets for the INmusic festival #13 campsite are also available at the official INmusic festival webshop for the price of 33 EUR (+ transaction fee) until sold out.

  • One day tickets will be available in May and only if festival tickets are not sold out. Prices will depend on the festival day program and will be available from 53 EUR ( + transaction fees) or more.


Early bird three day INmusic festival tickets for the price of 40 EUR until September 1st, 2017. SOLD OUT!

Early bird camping tickets for the price of 27 EUR until September 1st, 2017. SOLD OUT!

The festival reserves the right to change the ticket price at any time. Please buy your tickets only from authorised ticket vendors only!



Festicket - authorised ticket vendor in the UK


AD Ticket - authorised ticket vendor in Germany


AD Ticket - authorised ticked vendor in Austria


4UFestival - authorised ticket vendor in Spain


Gigstix - authorised ticket vendor in Serbia

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kupi kartu - authorised ticket vendor in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Need info? Please send us email - tickets (AT)

Mando Diao, 7 February 2018, Zagreb Fair, Pavillion 9

Tickets for Mando Diao show are available in our webshop.

Important information for festival tickets buyers:

Festival tickets will be exchanged for festival wristbands at the entrance to the festival. Do not tear, cut or in any way damage your festival wristbands otherwise they will cease to be valid!

Ticket refunds will be made only in the case of the cancellation of the entire festival and if the cancellation of the festival is not caused by a force majeure event. In case of cancellation of the entire festival not caused by a force majeure event, the organizer will announce a deadline date and manner of refunds in due time.

Festival wristbands are valid for one entrance daily, after you leave festival site you will not be able to come back with the same wristbands until the next festival day due to security reasons. Rule applies for main festival entrance and does not apply to camp site wristbands in which case please have in mind that you will need to use the separate campsite and camp-to-festival entrances.

WARNING: Make sure to purchase your tickets only at authorised ticket vendors as only tickets purchased through these vendors will provide entrance to the festival site.

Festival rules and important notices, as well as Camping rules, apply to all ticket holders, festival visitors and festival campers alike.