Where do I exchange my festival or campsite tickets?

Exchange of festival tickets for festival wristbands is available at the festival entrance gate from 4 pm to 1 am each festival day.

If you are exchanging a campsite ticket please head to the festival campsite entrance and reception which is open 0-24 and there you will be able to exchange your tickets for both camping and festival wristband and check-in at the INmusic CampIN’.

Festival wristbands are valid for one entrance daily, after you leave festival site due to security reasons you will not be able to come back with the same wristbands until the next festival day. This rule does not apply to camp site wristbands in which case please have in mind that you will need to use separate camp and camp-to-festival entrance.

Please note at the bottom of the webpage the festival venue layout and locations of the festival entrance and the festival campsite entrance since these are not the same locations within the RSC Jarun grounds.

When will the full line-up and timetable be announced?

Artists performing at the festival are continuously announced on the official festival website, INmusic festival Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts throughout the year and in the months prior to the festival dates. We want to provide each festival act with as much attention and care as we can, and keep you guys posted on all the news and artists performing at the festival and share the excitement. Usually the full festival line-up is announced by early May, and the timetables of each festival performance is published by late May /early June. Make sure to download the official festival mobile app for Android or iOS and keep yourself posted on any last minute additions or changes to the festival set times and performances.

Lost and found?

Did you lose or find something at INmusic festival?

We encourage all the festival visitors to take care of their possessions and themselves, as well as other people’s possessions and safety. Make sure to help a fellow festival goer - if you find a lost item submit it to the festival staff at the festival INFO POINT, or if you happen to lose something check at the INFO POINT to recover or report it. If you have no luck at the festival site, please contact us after the festival is over at info@inmusicfestival.com and we will check if any of your belongings were found on site after the festival and return them to you.

Although many of the lost items are never found, some find their way back to their owners and we’re more than happy to try and help you reclaim your lost possessions.

Things you may need at the festival or campsite? Check weather conditions!

As everywhere, you may experience different weather conditions so make sure you check the weather forecast before coming to the festival site.

Raincoats, rubber boots, appropriate clothing sunscreen, hat, sunglasses...all come in handy. Please note that you can bring small umbrellas at the campsite but umbrellas are not allowed at the festival site, please leave them in your tents instead.

Take care of yourselves and your festival companions, and don’t forget to check the list of items forbidden for entrance into the festival site.

CampIN' ticket - purchased per person or tent?

CampIN’ tickets are sold and obligatory per person to enter the campsite. At the campsite entrance and reception, your CampIN’ ticket and festival ticket will be replaced with a valid 7 day camping and festival wristband. The INmusic festival campsite is available for accommodation only for INmusic festival three-day ticket holders. Please find more info about our lovely campsite in the CampIN' section of our website.

Other accommodation in Zagreb?

Other than camping at the beautiful INmusic festival campsite, Zagreb offers a variety of hotel, hostel and private accommodations. For more information about available options, please visit the official Zagreb tourist board website.

Means of payment available at the festival?

Food and drinks at the festival and in the campsite can be purchased by using a cashless INmusic festival card which you can purchase and top-up with cash (EUR) or a bank card. Over 30 Top-up points are located at the festival and campsite and you can top-up and cash-out anytime during the festival. More info on the festival cashless system is available here.

What about parking at Lake Jarun?

It is not possible to enter RSC Jarun with a vechile.

You can find more info on reaching the festival site by all means of travel in the How to get there section of our webpage.

Are there tickets available for online purchase?

Of course, online tickets for INmusic festival and CampIN’ are available - please visit the official INmusic festival webshop for festival tickets and more: www.inmusicfestival.com/en/shop/tickets

Age restrictions for visitors - do I have to be 18 to get in? Tickets for children?

There are no age restrictions at INmusic festival.

Everybody, regardless of their age, is welcome to the festival, although – according to national legislation in Croatia – visitors under 16 have to be accompanied by someone aged 18 or more.

We’re proud to say we are a festival for all ages and have welcomed families with babies in strollers at the festival, as well as elderly visitors with reduced mobility. The site is easily accessible and our staff will be happy to help you with whatever you may need.

Children under the age of 12 are allowed free general addmission to the festival site (and campsite if staying there with their family, however subject to national tourist tax payment according to national law) but only if accommpanied by a parent or legal guardian older than 18 years of age and with a valid festival (and, if applicable, campsite) ticket.

Please make sure to bring headphones or other hearing protection for your minors to make their stay at the festival equally enjoyable and stress-free.

Accessibility for visitors with disabilities or reduced mobility?

INmusic festival and campsite welcome all, and are accessible to visitors with disabilities and reduced mobility.

Festival provides portable toilet facilities for visitors with reduced mobility and the festival campsite is fully equipped to accommodate visitors with disabilities. Please feel free to contact our staff at the festival and/or campsite entrance for help and guidance.

Festival and camping tickets for visitors with disabilities are charged regularly but the person accompanying a visitor with disability or reduced mobility (who should be an able-bodied adult at least 18 years of age) will be granted free access as assistance to the disabled visitor.

Visitors with photosensitive epilepsy should take note that some festival performances and artists use strobe lights as part of their performances.

Also, first aid teams are on site to provide help and assistance in any medical emergency.

Can I bring my DSLR cameras/drones/selfie sticks?

Professional photo or video equipment is not allowed at the festival site (including drones and video cameras). You can use your mobile phone or pocket camera, but please note that selfie sticks are also not allowed for safety reasons. Please leave them in your tents or hotel room/hostel/apartment.

Volunteering or working at the festival?

Only Croatian citizens can apply to work or volunteer at the festival due to national legislation. Sadly, foreigners cannot be part of the festival organizational team for the time being. But, everyone is more than welcome to visit the festival, share their experiences, photos, or social media posts with us.

Are pets allowed at the festival?

Sorry, we love all pets and we’re big animal lovers, but due to security and safety reasons no pets are allowed (or recommendable) at the festival site. Music festivals are loud and crowded places and, trust us, this restriction is in the interest of your pet’s safety and the safety of festival visitors alike.