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INmusic festival #15
Jarun / Zagreb, Croatia

Accreditation Terms

  1. Press accreditation applications are available to all media.
  2. Press accreditation applications are open for submission from March 2nd to March 31st, 2020.
  3. Press accreditation applications will be available as an online form on the official INmusic festival website (at - INFO – dropdown menu)
  4. Press accreditation applications sent after March 31st will not be processed./li>
  5. Notifications of the application status and instructions how to pick up approved applications will be sent via e-mail no later than June 1st 2020.
  6. There is a limited number of press accreditations according to media types:
    • TV stations can submit a max of 3* accreditation applications.
    • Radio stations can submit a max of 2* accreditation applications.
    • Print media can submit a max of 2* press accreditation applications + 1* photo accreditation application
    • Internet media can submit a max of 2* press accreditation applications + 1* photo accreditation application
    • * More press accreditation applications can be submitted only upon presenting an additional media plan
  7. Submission of a press accreditation application form does not guarantee its approval.
  8. Press accreditations are valid only at the time of the festival and in accordance with the conditions of the artist's managements. Photo and video accreditations are valid under the conditions and terms defined by the artist's management.
  9. Press accreditations are personalized and are not transferable.
  10. Each accreditation application is valid for one person only.
  11. Each press accreditation application must include a full and cohesive press clipping report of the media coverage of INmusic festival #15 in the media which is applying for the press accreditation.
  12. Published announcements and media coverage can be sent before the start of the accreditation period to but should be included in the official application as well.
  13. Press accreditation applications must fulfill the above mentioned requirements or they will not be considered and processed further.
  14. The number of accreditations is limited
  15. Please note that accreditations are for licensed media only.