Visitor's Guide to INmusic Festival

INmusic festival takes place at the lake Jarun isles, popularly referred to among locals as ‘the sea front of Zagreb’, and its proximity to the city centre along with the lush green nature setting of the lake makes INmusic a truly unique city festival with a memorable atmosphere. Wild, real and unforgettable festival adventure is truly within your reach through an amazing festival camp open for 7 days from June 21st to June 28th, 2024. While at INmusic camp site, you have a unique opportunity to discover the hidden gems Zagreb has to offer! So, while you’re here, don’t miss out on this lucky chance to explore and feel the beautiful warm welcome of Croatia’s capital!

Where to stay in Zagreb?

To extend your stay in the Croatian capital, you can choose from a variety of options, from private accommodations to hostels and hotels. One of the most elegant and luxurious hotel in Zagreb, Esplanade hotel, built in 1925 as the accommodation for passengers of the legendary Orient Express which operated the scenic route from Paris to Istanbul. For more information about other available accommodation options, visit the official Zagreb Tourist Board website.

What to see?

The ideal option for sightseeing and exploring the warm vibe Zagreb offers to its visitors, is by walking through the romantic old Upper Town and Lower Town, strolling through one of many museums or simply sitting at a lively coffee place in the city centre!

At the strict centre, you can find the famous Grič Tunnel, which is used as an exhibition place after its renovation in 2016. The tunnel will lead you to the Upper Town and instead of stairs, you can take the shortest funicular ride in the world, connecting Zagreb’s Upper and Lower Town. Today’s name for the Upper Town is Gradec and in the past the entrance was strictly through one of 6 gates, and even today you can find preserved Stone Gate. The green Strossmayer Promenade leads to Tower Lotrščak where the famous Grič Cannon is situated. On top of the Lotrščak Tower, there is an observation deck which provides a picturesque view of Zagreb and the delightful Zagreb’s Cathedral. At the Upper Town, you can visit one of the oldest buildings in Zagreb and its well recognizable symbol - the beautiful St. Mark’s church. In the Lower part of town you can visit the Croatian National Theatre, opened in 1895 by the Emperor Franz Joseph I. Don’t miss the chance to experience the performances by the opera, drama or ballet ensemble situated in the legendary theatre house.

With over 30 museums and galleries, from traditional ones honouring great figures, innovators and artists, to those with unusual themes and eccentric exhibitions, Zagreb offers a unique variety of choices for art lovers.

And when you want to take a breath of fresh air, just take a stroll through some of the many parks in this 'green city.' In almost every corner of Zagreb, you can find a secluded oasis of peace and greenery, perfect for escaping the heat during summer days, enjoying a romantic boat ride on one of the lakes of Maksimir park, or taking a nighttime walk through the famous Lenuzzi's Horseshoe, composed of a complex of parks and squares in the city centre.

Where to grab a drink?

Zagreb can easily be considered as one of those cities that 'never sleep.' Having coffee in the city centre is a favourite habit of many Croatians, an essential part of daily life without which many cannot start their day. More information about nightlife can be found on the official website of Zagreb Tourist Board.

What to eat?

Zagreb has to offer something for every kind of foodie, from incredible and delicious combinations perfect for a lunch break to those quick, fast, and delightful meals when you want to eat something on the go. Among the local dishes, you must try the famous Zagreb štrukli, turkey with mlinci or grenadier march.

Organise Your Stay in Zagreb With the Help of Zagreb Card

Zagreb Card saves you time and money by offering free transport by Zagreb city transportation system (ZET) as well as free entry to Museum of Broken Relationships, Chocolate Museum Zagreb, Zagreb City Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Nikola Tesla Technical Museum and the Zagreb Zoo. Zagreb Card is available for online purchase at the Visitor Centers on Ban Josip Jelačić Square and Franjo Tuđman Airport.

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