Siddharta, a group that has a great impact on Slovenian music scene and is active for more than 20 years, is joining the stellar INmusic #14 lineup. They were founded in 1995 and built a cult status by now, and from the beginning of their career they are receiving platinum editions of their albums. Already with their first album ID from 1999 they jumped to the top of the music charts and did not disappoint with any other further release. Their music was created from Slovenia and all the way to Los Angeles, and they had their most significant career breakthrough in 2003 when the Ljubljana Stadium Bežigrad was sold. Two years later, they played at Stožice Stadium in front more than 11,000 people and during the career they won more than 30 music awards. Siddharta is a band that has collaborated with many colleagues from various genres, and this year they are coming to the Jarun stage at INmusic festival as part of the Europavox project.

Siddharta will be performing as part of the praiseworthy Europavox project, honoring diversity in music and culture in general. INmusic festival is the proud Croatian partner of the Europavox project, an European Commission funded long term collaboration project between seven European countries, dedicated to the promotion of European musical diversity and providing an international and interactive live music experience.