Terms of service

Terms of service presented on this web site refer to INmusic Webshop and buying products/services presented hereto.

Organizer and merchant is company Vibro limes Ltd., also owner of internet web site and domain inmusicfestival.com (further: Organizer) where internet shop is hosted.

Buyer is any person that chooses, puts into basket and pays for any propduct/service available in INmusic Webshop (further: Buyer).

This document is electronic contract between Organizer and Buyer and by accepting is both sides accept all terms of service, rights, obligations and responsibilities written hereto. Filling out form with personal data measns that Buyer accepts Terms of service of INmusic Webshop.


INmusic Webshop sells tickets for events and products related to events promoted and/or proudeced by Organizer or those events where Organizer has a contract with a third party for selling (t-shirts, bags etc.). We use secure network connection, INmusic Webshop is open to all customersa and thera are no geographic restrains.

To purchase any product/service Buyer must fill out form with personl data. This is neccesarry step that ensures security of transaction. Buyer states that personal data is correct. Organizer reserves right to block Buyer's transaction and cancel purchase if personal data are not correct or Buyer tries to compromise security and consistency of the Organizers system.


Paying is possible after filling out personal data form, we accept following cards.

Certain banks do not allow Maestro card for online shopping, please check before buying.

Transactions are secured by:

Cards processing is done by WSPay payment system which is, for this service, authorized by Organizer. WSPay cooperates with credit card companies and banks to ensure safe and secure transaction online.

You can buy and pay for single product/service or you can put multiple items into basket . You cen remove products/service from the basket. YOu can remove products/services from the basket and cancel shopping.


After succesfull transaction tickets are sent electronically in PDF format to Buyer's e-mail address.


Other products which are able to be delivered electronically (letters, packages, t-shirts. bags etc.) are delivered by post. Certain items are not delivered outside of Republic ofCroatia, please check item's description. Buyer agrees to pay for delivery. Price and date of delivery depend on postal services agent. Organizer will prepare adn deliver package to postal service agent within 48 hours after the time when transaction has been confirmed as succesfull. Mentioned 48 hours does not include weekends, non-working days and public holidays in Republic of Croatia.

Items will be packed in a way that prevent breakage. Upon picking up/receiving package Buyer is obliged to check it and report all damage to postal service employee and Organizer. Damaged or lost goods will be treated according to postal service agent's rules and regulations. Organizer will do all reasonalble actions to reimburse or compensate for damaged, destroyed or lost items, but only after clearance with postal service agent. Terms of checking items and reimbursment depend on postal service agents rules and regulations.


Buyer is obliged to keep tickets safe and not to damage them, copy or reproduce in any way,forward or give them to others.Entrance to event is possible only with valid and not damaged ticket. Each ticket has its own unique barcode that grants access. Once read bardoce becomes invalid in the system and cannot be used for another entrance, any copy of the same barcode/ticket is hence not allowed. Organizer s not able to see if the ticket has been copied or lost and each first barcode validation is considered valid. Sendig ticket to e-mail Organizer sopts being responsible for the ticket and only Buyer is responsible for it. If the Buyer loses the ticket or break the rules mentioned in this Terms of service and copies or make copying available to third persons it is understood that the Buyer accepts responsibility for negligence or unauthorized distribution and accepts the risk to be banned from the event.

Organizer and its personell will check tickts at the event's entrance by:

  • checking barcode on the ticket using barcode readers and special software
  • checking printed tickets visually
  • checking and validationg transaction in Organizers webshop system

Certain events, including INmusic Festival but not excluding other events, ticket, if valid, is exchange for wristband that is used as a pass to event location. Wristbands must be kept in its original state, don't remove them, don't cut, tear or damaged them in any way because it will not be valid. All wristbans or tickets issues are to be reported to Organizer's autorized personel.

Buyers will acknowledge and respect rules written on ticket and official web pages of Organizer or event. Rules are subject to change without prior notice, Buyers are advised to check them shortly before the event. It the rules on ticket and Organizer's web page are different those on web page are considered valid.

Re-selling tickets is not allowed.

Using tickets for any PR activity or any kind of economic/commercial activity by other companies or individuals, including but not limited to selling, is not allowed.

Any way of using tickets that is not according to mentioned rules will be treated as breach of contract and tickets will become invalid and cannot be used to enter the event.

Ticket return is not possible unless event as a whole has been canceled by Organizer and only if event is not cancelled because of force majeure. Please keep the receipt/inovoice, return and refund is possible only with the original receipt/invoice.


Organizer reserves right to change rules and regulations without prior notice as well as move webshop to different internet domain.


Vibro limes d.o.o.
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MBS 080845546, Trgovački sud u Zagrebu
VAT: HR44408806616
Email: tickets@inmusicfestival.com