Super Besse

Two passionate music lovers are the masterminds behind the name Super Besse, and are returning to the INmusic festival stage after a riveting performance in 2018. Their career began with live performances in their homeland of Belarus, and they broke out on the international stage at Tallin Music Week in 2014 in Estonia. Since then this post-punk duo released their first album in 2015, their second album in 2017, and they are currently working on the new material. Super Besse is an unusual blend of euphoria and melancholy, and unsurprisingly many are quick to compare them to the legendary Joy Division. Super Besse will deliver their newest material and a guaranteed dose of post-punk riffs to this year's INmusic festival!

Super Besse will be performing as part of the praiseworthy Europavox project, honoring diversity in music and culture in general. INmusic festival is the proud Croatian partner of the Europavox project, an European Commission funded long term collaboration project between seven European countries, dedicated to the promotion of European musical diversity and providing an international and interactive live music experience.