INmusic festivalINmusic festival


  • Hot water, Wireless internet
  • Charging for laptops and mobile phones
  • Shop, storage of personal items
  • Stage with various musical acts
  • Swimming, roller skating, skate park, windsurfing, rowing...
  • Organized trips to attractive destinations

Campers will have access to hot running water, wireless internet, a convenience store and various options such as storing their personal items, recharging their mobile phones and laptops. Along with basic facilities, campers will enjoy swimming, sports, music, visits to the city and other interesting locations around Croatia.

Swimming, workshops, recreation, adventurism, excursions...
During their stay in the camp, festival visitors can enjoy a music program, take part in free yoga sessions, didgeridoo, djembe and juggling workshops and enjoy sports activities such as beach volleyball and handball, soccer, skate park, rollerblading, cycling, surfing, rowing, horseback ridding, table tennis, hanging bowling hall, mini golf, badminton, and much more.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to take organised trips to attractive destinations, like the Plitvice lakes or go kayaking on the Mrežnica river, experience bear mountain bike adventures, Zagreb guided walks or Craft beer bike & walk tours. More info here:excursions

Workking hours

INmusic #13 CampIN' site opens on June22nd 2018(Friday) at 12:00 (noon), and closes June 29th 2018 (Friday) at 12:00 (noon).

To enter the festival campsite one must have a valid three day festival ticket and a valid caping ticket which will both be exchanged for the appropriate festival wristband at the festival campsite reception desk.

Camping tickets are only valid with a three day festival ticket. Buy @INmusic WEBSHOP

Tents, sleeping bags and mats

For information about purchasing or reserving a tent, sleeping bags or mats please contact or fill out this form.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Residence tax of 7 HRK (approx. 1 EUR) per person per night is mandatory for all campers and must be paid at the camp reception upon check-in!


CampIN' essentials for INmusic festival:

Here's the list of the most important things you might need while camping at INmusic. A good rule is to pack things that you won't mind getting dirty, or in the worst case scenario, losing. Don't bring anything you consider irreplacable or extremely valuable.

- a reusable water bottle – because hydrating yourself at a festival is very important!
- a tent – bring your own or buy one on site whan you arrive (
- sleeping bag, pillow, mat or tarp, hammock – for your comfort
- head lamp – always a good idea at the campIN to navigate your way back home at night
- beach/lawn chairs – make your own chill zone at the beach or in the camp
- folding table
- rope
- dry food, snacks and energy bars - food that does not need refrigerating. A variety of hot, fresh cooked foods is on offer at the campsite for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and there's food vendors at the festival site.
- compact medical first aid kit – band aids, sunscreen, pain relievers, sunglasses, lip balm, insect repelent - if you are accident prone it's a good idea to bring a few of the thingies to help you heal faster.
- prescriptions medication – don’t forget them, you’re on an island and a long way from the nearest pharmacy.

INmusic festival
Clothing and Footwear

- Swimsuit – the camp islands are a great place to enjoy the sun, swim and play at the beach so don't forget to bring a suit (and a beach towel!). Nudity is not allowed ;)
- Rain gear - yes, it has been known to rain at the festival but we are not affraid of the raINmusic experience. Temperatures are usually high so you won't be cold. However, bring a colorful raincoat (no umbrellas allowed!), and for the night time, a warm sweater, hoodie or jacket also comes in handy.
- Comfortable footwear - you’ll be on your feet a lot so don't forget about their comfort. Bring comfortable, lightweight and waterproof shoes you can count on. Wellies will keep your feet dry if the festival grounds turn muddy and flip-flops are great for kicking back at the campsite and beach or for short walks around the festival.

This and that:
- earplugs & eye mask – music and fun lasts until the morning hours so if you are a light sleeper – ear plugs are a must.
- cell phone or Point-and-shoot camera orcompact video camera for all the magical moments you'll be experiencing at INmusic (no long lenses, extenders or professional equipment!) Hashtag your photos with #INmusicfestival so everybody can enjoy them :)

For fun:

- playing cards, hula hoops, beach balls, skate boards (a big skate park is nearby, you will loooove it!)
–as many of our regular guest already know, you will have hours of camp fun before and after the performances so bring fun ice-breaking games with you. These are always great conversation starters and a good way to meet new people.

And finally, to state the obvious... don't forget your money, camping and festival tickets, and passport!! ;)
CampIN beach

What NOT to bring and NOT to do:

- bring only the essentials, pack light– you will need to carry your backpacks around town to the camp site and then back home. Go easy on yourself and take only what you really need.
- NO animals (except registered guide dogs) – this is for your pet's safety as well as the safety of other visitors.
- NO glass bottles – If found it will be confiscated immediately. Glass can shatter and is dangerous for visitors on site, as well as all the animals roaming around Jarun after the festival is over.
- NO flying or filming with Unmanned Aerial Vehicels (AUV's or so-called drones) is allowed on site before, during or after the festival
- NO long lenses, extenders or professional photo equipment
- NO lasers – it can damage peoples vision and distract performers.
- NO camp fire or bbqs - the campsite is in a woodland area - fire hazard!

+ leave no trace – whatever you bring, take it back home with you. We love the Jarun lake and islands - share the love and pick up after yourselves! Let's keep Jarun spotless!
+ Don’t bring anything irreplaceable that you couldn’t bear to lose.