INmusic festivalINmusic festival

Festival rules and important notices

FESTIVAL Visitors and their belongings will be inspected for their personal safety. Visitors agree to be photographed, filmed or recorded as part of the audience. All video, photo and audio materials acquired on festival site is subject to be used in promotional materials for the festival without any limitations of time and space and at the sole discretion of the Festival and... Read more ›

Cashless and Contactless payment

Cashless and contactless payment Cashless and contactless shopping means that you can buy food and drinks at INmusic festival, and at the festival camp by using one of the following: INmusic festival cards Any Contactless bank card To facilitate the usage of the appropriate card, we’ve prepared a few answers to some of the most important questions. 1. How to get your cashless... Read more ›

How to get there

Free bus transport from the RSC Jarun entrances to INmusic festival During the festival days, there will be two bus lines transporting visitors from both entrances of RSC Jarun (entrance "Hrgovići" and entance "Hrvatskog sokola") to the INmusic festival entrance. The two festival buses will operate from 6pm till 2am and 8pm till 5am every festival day - and they are free of... Read more ›


Hot water, Wireless internet Charging for laptops and mobile phones Shop, storage of personal items Music programme Swimming, roller skating, skate park, windsurfing, rowing... Organized trips to attractive destinations Campers will have access to hot running water, wireless internet, a convenience store and various options such as storing their personal items, recharging... Read more ›

Zagreb story

The elegant and doughty Croatian capital Zagreb is becoming one of the most popular European city break destinations. With an eclectic mix of the Central European and Mediterranean lifestyles, Zagreb pairs well the Austro-Hungarian tradition and the warm Southern flavour. The most important cultural institutions in Zagreb and many hotels, of which a large part is within the... Read more ›


KAYAKING MREZNICA CANYON Clear emerald water, unspoiled woods and magical landscapes, 12 waterfalls, travertines, canyon and a lot mor beautiful nature (no previous experience needed) We use two-person sit-on-top kayaks which are easy and safe to navigate. You will get a life jacket helmet and a paddle, plus long neoprene suit and a rain jacket in case of cold weather... Read more ›