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Ticket prices

INmusic festival 2015

June 22. – 24. 2015.

Early bird festival tickets 01.09. - 31.12.

  • 33 EUR + transaction fee via Entrio system

Please buy your ticket only from authorised ticket vendors mentioned on this website!

Important information:

  • Festival tickets will be exchanged for the festival armbands at the entrance to the festival. Do not tear, cut or in any way damage armbands otherwise they will cease to be valid!
  • Money refund will be made only in a case of cancellation of the entire festival and if the cancellation of the festival is not caused by force majeure. In case of cancellation of the festival, organizer will announce deadline and manner for the refund in due time.
  • Festival rules

Only for biggest fans

You've been following INmusic festival from the very beginnings? Kept all each festival ticket, from first to last? Then you're just one photo away from a free entrance to the tenth edition of INmusic festival!

Here's what it's all about:

If your boyfriend / girlfriend / mother / grandmother / dog or someone else has not thrown away / eaten / destroyed the said festival memorabilia, then take a picture or scan each festival ticket as soon as possible and send it to

You just have to be careful that the photographs or scans,which serve as evidence that the tickets are original, have the necessary serial number clearly visible. Once we receive your proof of loyalty, you'll get a return email, soon followed by the ticket for the jubilee tenth edition of the festival.

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