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Gorillaz Sound System

Gorillaz Sound System

Once upon a time, the Earth was ruled by manufactured pop and chaos reigned. From the chaos came Gorillaz: four intrepid heroes united as one, come to save us all....

And following along behind, carrying the record box and wearing the headphones, came Gorillaz Sound System, the world's premier audio-visual experience! Gorillaz Sound System is a state-of-the-art audio-visual 4-man outfit incorporating all the hugely successful Gorillaz hits coupled with outsized projections of their award winning animation. Gorillaz Sound System consists of a DJ, a Percussionist, a Drummer and a Visual Director who - with live mixing, remixing and percussion - can transform any space to create a great, dynamic and vibrant event.

Providing toe-tapping tunes and eye-popping Gorillaz visuals, G.S.S. is guaranteed to make any party go with a swing.


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