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Afro-Cuban All Stars

08.03.2019, Culture Factory

149.00kn (20.00EUR) (19 EUR + transaction fees)

INmusic festival presents unique Afro-Cuban All Stars! The Afro-Cuban All Stars Group consists of four generations of top Cuban musicians, which has been brought together by legendary music director and man behind the Buena Vista Social Club, Juan de Marcos González. González's contemporary music arrangements and the choice of musicians combined with extraordinary strength and rich acoustics ensemble, gives musical acclaim to legendary Cuban musicians and - live in concert with the best Cuban musicians - demonstrates how much Cuban "golden age" music is still vital. A breath of atmosphere of Havana and its authentic music scene comes to Zagreb on the Women's Day, join us at Culture Factory. Tickets at a price of 140 kn (+ transaction costs) are available in pre-sale through the INmusic Festival webshop and in the Dirty Old Shop in Zagreb for a price of 140 kn.