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Zagreb story

The elegant and doughty Croatian capital Zagreb is becoming one of the most popular European city break destinations. With an eclectic mix of the Central European and Mediterranean lifestyles, Zagreb pairs well the Austro-Hungarian tradition and the warm Southern flavour. The most important cultural institutions in Zagreb and many hotels, of which a large part is within the international hotel chains, are located in the pedestrian area which is - when time permits - probably Europe's largest outdoor café. There are also other attractions such as the picturesque open-air market - one of the last in Europe, which is absolutely first-class experience for all who come to Zagreb.

Sometimes serious, sometimes fun, sometimes unusual, this perfect size metropolis provides a real choice of things to do and see. With its cultural mix, stunning architecture, an incredible number of green spaces, world class museums, a restaurant and bar scene for all budgets and a wide range of accommodation choices, Zagreb is a city that reaches out and grabs you to its heart with something for everyone. The journey through Zagreb is always captivating, but the biggest value of this city is its atmosphere and the people who never allow you to feel alone. Zagreb has a story to tell and it has a heart, a big one!

Photo credit: Julien Duval; TZGZ
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